13 May 2013

Dark Secrets

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”  
― Andre Malraux

There are secrets everywhere - in every lane, in every closet, behind those dazzling eyes and between those lovely smiles. Some secrets are kept by you and some are kept from you! This post is my 100 words on the darkest secrets.

Photo Courtesy : Google Images

“Cheers on a year of our strange-ship! Remember how we started? :-)"

This made her mind wander to that Tuesday when a teenage she had dropped by his website to appreciate his article. Since then they were friends, binding themselves in the rule of ‘online strangers’. Their friendship bloomed and the obvious followed; she was in love!

Her longing desire to break the rule surfaced, ‘I should at least know how he looks.’

She Google’d his name. Results made her guts twist, spitting out the darkest secret of their online affair – his picture with a wife and angelic daughter!